5 Reasons that lead not to use marked playing cards

In poker games the use of marked cards is usual and from the decades’ players using this trick to win the game. It took less input to learn the technique to play and win. The use of marked playing cards while playing poker is considered an unethical act and is not appreciated at all. If you are found to use such tricks, then it may cause the serious consequences.

Moreover, with the cheat cards there are certain equipment available in the market that helps to identify the marking over the poker cards. Just as the marked cards contact lenses are common to read the invisible marking over the cards. But there are multiple reasons due to which it should not be appreciated at all. It includes:

· An unethical activity

In general, cheating is an unethical and illegal act. When it comes to poker games, people do some tricks and use devices to deceive other players to win and make money. But in the longer run it will not give benefits. If you are professional and caught during the competition by using the devices and tricks to cheat – will ruin the career and cause big trouble for you.

· Risky and cause trouble

No doubt there are multiple ways to cheat in poker games like the cheating devices, marked cards, and much more. Nothing will go last and if someone caught by doing it – will cost a lot. In the past it was the use of a camera or poker card analyzer or contact lenses to know the move of other players. But with time software and technology helps to find out such trouble makers. If you get caught by doing the tricks and using devices, it may put you in risk of punishment.

· Not able to improve strategy

To improve the strategy a man needs practice to be professional with the skills and tricks. But the use of cheating tricks it is not possible to even learn the game tactics. It is a kind of short cut that people prefer to involve in the game to get the success. Moreover, it is short term and offers the just in time way to get success but will not benefit in the longer run at any cost.

· Not fit to game’s spirit

Poker is a mind challenging game and needs practice to learn tricks to get the game. People spend hours in learning and mastering the techniques to play fair. If someone uses the marked playing cards instead of playing it fairly – will against the true spirit of the game and players. It is unjust to those who work hard to be master in the game.

· Risk the career

For the professional poker players, it is important to play fair to avoid any consequences of cheating. Because success comes by using the wrong trick and will not last forever. If the use of cheating devices is common, on other hand the use of instruments to catch the cheater is also advanced. If you are caught during the game by using the devices or other trick – will ruin the whole career.

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